Top 10 Honeymoon places in Bali Indonesia

Ubud: known for its beautiful rice paddies, lush forests, and serene temples, Ubud is a perfect place for honeymooners seeking tranquillity and relaxation.

Seminyak: This popular coastal town is famous for its luxurious resorts, stunning beaches, and upscale dining and shopping options.

Nusa Dua: located on the southeastern coast of Bali, Nusa Dua boasts pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and top-notch resorts.

Jimbaran: If you're looking for a quiet and romantic getaway, Jimbaran is the place to be. It's home to some of Bali's most secluded and exclusive resorts.

Uluwatu: This dramatic cliffside location is perfect for honeymooners who want to enjoy the stunning ocean views and some of Bali's best surfing spots.

Candidasa: Located in the eastern part of Bali, Candidasa offers a peaceful and romantic escape from the hustle and bustle of the more touristy parts of the island.

Amed: This sleepy fishing village on the northeast coast of Bali is an excellent spot for honeymooners who want to enjoy diving and snorkelling in crystal-clear waters.

Lovina: Located on the northern coast of Bali, Lovina is known for its black sand beaches, tranquil waters, and abundant marine life.

Canggu: This trendy and up-and-coming coastal town is perfect for honeymooners who want to experience Bali's vibrant surf and party culture.

Padangbai: Located on the eastern coast of Bali, Padangbai is a great spot for honeymooners who want to explore some of Bali's best diving spots and experience local village life.