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US Authorities Advise Americans To Avoid Travelling To Mexico During Spring Vacation

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Due to security concerns, US authorities have advised Americans not to travel to Mexico over the spring holiday.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), citing drug cartel violence, advised Americans that entering Mexico posed a serious risk.

This comes after at least four Americans were kidnapped immediately after crossing the border into Mexico last week. Two of them were killed, while the other two were uninjured.

In another case, three American ladies were reported missing for over two weeks. They travelled to Mexico to sell garments at a market and never returned.

Likewise, DPS Director Steven McCraw also stated, "Drug cartel violence and other criminal activity pose a major safety risk to anyone who crosses into Mexico at this time.

DPS Director said we are responsible for informing the public about safety, travel dangers, and threats.

DPS Director also said we advise people to avoid travelling to Mexico due to the explosive nature of cartel activities and the violence we see there.

According to ABC News, the gunmen assumed the Americans captured were rival human traffickers in an area of Mexico designated as "do not visit" by the US government owing to a heightened threat to people's safety and security.

It is worth noting that the State Department has designated prominent US-Mexico tourism areas as level 2, advising visitors to "exercise heightened vigilance.

France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and ten other countries received the same ranking.

According to statistics, foreign travel has increased by 30% compared to last year, with Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Mexico City being two of the top spring break vacation destinations.