2023 How to Reach Darjeeling From Nagpur?

How to Reach Darjeeling From Nagpur
How to Reach Darjeeling From Nagpur

Before we discuss the ways to Reach Darjeeling from Nagpur.

Let me tell you something interesting about this place. Darjeeling is one of the prettiest hill stations in India situated in the northern part of West Bengal.

In Darjeeling, there are many attractive places to visit.  It’s all about magnificent views of snowcapped Kanchenjunga.

The so many flowing down the mountain slopes and beautiful tea gardens are there in Darjeeling.

It is possible to find about 4,000 different kinds of flowering plants in Darjeeling district including rhododendrons, orchids, magnolia, etc,

There are around 290 types of ferns are including rare fern trees in Darjeeling.

And if you care to go round the forested land, you can see some amazing animal lifelike red pandas, pangolins, yellow-throated martens, barking deer as well as leopards and even elephants in their natural habitats.

And of course, if your holiday plan is to unwind, enjoy food, do sightseeing and shopping.

The friendly natives such as the Nepalis, Tibetans, and Lepchas will make you feel perfectly at home as you enjoy the fabulous weather and allure of this place.

3 Major Ways To Reach Darjeeling from Nagpur

How to Reach Darjeeling From Nagpur by Air

There is no direct flight to reach Darjeeling. But you can go Nagpur to Darjeeling by flight.

The Distance between Nagpur to Darjeeling by road is 1919KM. The aerial distance from Nagpur to Darjeeling is 1138KM.

The nearest airport of the Darjeeling from Nagpur is Bagdogra. This is around 90 km from Darjeeling. You can reach Bagdogra airport pick any cab or public transport to reach Darjeeling city.

So, there are no direct flights or trains or buses are available between Nagpur to Darjeeling

So, after you get to Nagpur or Bagdogra, there is nevertheless some 90kms uphill road distance to pay to achieve Darjeeling.

Plus, it takes some time to negotiate with the steep hilly streets.

By Nagpur or Bagdogra, it takes approximately 3 hours to reach Darjeeling town by automobile. Bus (from Siliguri) and shared taxis from Nagpur and Siliguri are also offered.

International flights also available but are Limited to Bangkok in Thailand and Thimphu in Bhutan, via Druk Air.

Tourists coming from overseas can attain Darjeeling through connecting flights from metro cities in India such as Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Nagpur.

You can find good hotels also in Darjeeling to stay overnight with your friends or family.

Train From Nagpur to Darjeeling to Nagpur

The train is also a good option to reach Darjeeling from Nagpur. The train is a more connivance option to reach Darjeeling.

The Distance between Darjeeling and Nagpur by street is 1919KM.

The train takes almost 7-8 hours to reach Darjeeling. Its journey is more comfortable by train. Because can take rest on the train. You don’t feel tired during the whole journey. And when you reach Darjeeling, you do lots of fun.

You can also take the toy train from New Jalpaiguri(NJP) to Darjeeling which moves at a snail’s pace and requires approximately 7 hours.

Top Train Routes from Nagpur to Darjeeling are below.

  • Nagpur into Nimbahera Trains
  • Nagpur into Ambika Kalna Trains
  • Nagpur to Chhandrauli Trains
  • Nagpur into Singhpur Trains
  • Nagpur into Kottaiyur Trains

Nagpur to Darjeeling by road

There are some buses are available to reach Nagpur to Darjeeling. The total distance is Nagpur to Darjeeling is around 1591 km and the Ariel distance around 1200 km .so it will be around one night and one day journey. When you pick the bus at 7PM you can reach Darjeeling evening at 6 PM.

By road has one of the most priceless benefits. You can enjoy seeing the scenery of Darjeeling in the whole journey.

Road Trips would be the perfect way to learn more about the unfamiliar in you and out in the gorgeous world.

Not just it permits you to personalize your itinerary how that you need but also supply you with total freedom to see concealed popular locations.

India is a major country and also to travel by road on a single go you may require a whole lot of vacations and vitality.

By road to reach Darjeeling is a pleasant and wonderful journey.

Some high bus routes from Nagpur to Darjeeling are below.

  • Nagpur into Gogamukh Bus
  • Nagpur into Bangarupalem Bus
  • Nagpur to Kariapatti Bus
  • Nagpur into Surajpar Bus
  • Nagpur to Manjari Bus

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