2024 How To Travel USA To India By Road? Here Are All The Details

How To Travel USA To India By Road
How To Travel USA To India By Road

How To Travel USA To India By Road: Who doesn’t enjoy a road trip? Many of us have traveled to one place from another place by road, but has anyone ever dreamed about traveling to another country via road?

This may sound not very comforting, but it is possible to achieve this. Traveling between India to USA by road isn’t an issue! 

Here is all the information about how to do it and how to travel across the border from India to the USA.

How To Travel USA To India By Road?

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These continents, Asia and North America, are separated by an ‘insignificant’ strait known as Bering Strait. 

Its distance from Russia and Alaska is only 55 miles at its shortest point.

In other words, you could drive to the easternmost tip in Russia to the point of crossing to China and then load your vehicle on a barge or adequate-sized boat to traverse the Bering Strait until you land at the westernmost point of Alaska. 

When you arrive in Alaska, then you’re now located in America! Then, you are free to drive around America. American continent.

You can travel from India to The USA By Road & Here are all the details:

Traveling to Hyderabad From California

In the year 2018, a couple from their early 60s journeyed in the 1960s Hyderabad after a trip to California. 

In completing the journey of a lifetime on a modified Toyota SUV, they create history by becoming one of the first couples to make this journey.

In just two months, they made their destination after a challenging journey. 

It was undoubtedly one of the most breath-taking memories of their lives traversing China, Russia, and Tibet on their way to Tibet, but it was certainly not without many challenges. 

Notably, the checkpoints and driving through high altitudes were highly strenuous. Despite all the difficulties, they became the first couple to trip across California to Hyderabad by road.

The Story Of Lakhwinder Singh’s Story:

Another person who has experienced the experience of crossing the border across India as well as America USA can be Lakhwinder Singh.

Beginning the journey in America, the US, he traveled more than 20000 km before reaching Jalandhar through a long-distance road. 

It took him nearly an entire month to reach this milestone. The journey started in America, and he was able to have his vehicle transported by ship to England. 

He traveled by train to Belgium, and the actual journey began at the Belgian border. 

It took an extended time to arrive in Pakistan, which covered Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, and then Iran. One of the exciting things he experienced in Iran was connecting his car to another vehicle since US vehicles are not allowed to drive in Iran.

Trans Eurasian Belt Development

Thanks to the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development connecting Russia and Siberia, it is possible to travel from Siberia to New York from Delhi

The Trans-Siberian highway is the longest in the world and spans more than 20,000 kilometres.

To get to the United States, one must take a long trip from Delhi to Nepal, Tibet, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan to reach the highway. 

Because Kazakhstan is considered to be bordering Russia, the route one can travel the highway to Russia from there. 

The drive stops as they must traverse the Bering Sea. The trip can be continued by ship; from there, the goal is Alaska. After Alaska is reached, it is possible to travel to Canada. United States via Canada.

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