Everything you need to know about National Aquarium Abu Dhabi 2024

National Aquarium Abu Dhabi
National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi offers visitors a captivating opportunity to explore the wonders of marine life. With stunning displays of colourful fish, interactive exhibits, and educational programs, the aquarium provides an immersive experience for people of all ages. 

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi while also giving you useful insights into the attraction itself.

National Aquarium Abu Dhabi: An Underwater Paradise:

National Aquarium Abu Dhabi
National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the National Aquarium is a world-class facility that showcases the interesting attractiveness and diversity of marine life. With thousands of aquatic animals from across the globe, this aquarium provides an outstanding option to connect with the wonders of the ocean.

Ticket Options for Abu Dhabi National Aquarium:

When planning your visit to the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium, you have several ticket options to choose from. Whether you’re a solo traveller, a family looking for an exciting day out, or someone seeking a luxurious underwater experience, there’s a ticket option to suit your preferences.

1. General Entry:

The general entry ticket is the most popular choice for individuals or small groups. This ticket gives you entry to all exhibits and attractions within the aquarium, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

Witness the breathtaking beauty of vibrant coral reefs, get an opportunity to near majestic sharks, and be surprised by the lively antics of dolphins.

2. VIP Experience:

For a truly immersive and luxurious experience, opt for the VIP ticket. This exclusive package allows you skip-the-line access with a personal guide and the chance to interact with marine animals behind the scenes. 

The VIP experience also provides a remarkable visit to the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi.

3. Family Packages:

The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium also provides family packages that cater to the needs of parents and children. These packages include discounted tickets, providing an affordable way to enjoy the wonders of the aquarium.

With dedicated play areas for kids and educational exhibits for all ages, a family visit to the National Aquarium guarantees a day filled with fun and learning.

4. Annual Passes:

For those who wish to visit the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi numerous times throughout the year, an annual pass is the perfect option. An annual pass allows you unlimited access to the aquarium and its attractions, allowing you to return as frequently as you like. 

This choice is perfect for aquarium enthusiasts, families, or anyone planning to make the most of their visit.

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Abu Dhabi National Aquarium Timings and Operating Hours:

To ensure visitors can fully enjoy their experience, the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi operates on specific timings. Here are the details you need to know:

Opening Hours: The aquarium is open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, seven days a week, providing a great time to explore the exhibits and attractions.

Last Entry: Visitors are permitted to enter the aquarium until one hour before closing. Arriving early allows sufficient time to enjoy all that the National Aquarium has to offer.

Special Events: The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi occasionally hosts special events, such as night tours or themed exhibits. These events may have different timings and require separate tickets. Always check the official website or contact the aquarium for up-to-date information.

Best Time to Visit Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium
Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

When it comes to visiting the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium, understanding the best time to visit and explore this stunning attraction can greatly enhance your experience. 

While weekends tend to notice higher footfall, it is advisable to plan your visit on weekdays for a more enjoyable experience. Particularly, Monday to Thursday offers a fairly more peaceful atmosphere, providing a great opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the aquarium’s wonders.

The Best time of the year:

The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium warmly welcomes visitors throughout the year, ensuring continual access to its captivating exhibits. However, it is worth noting that the aquarium experiences greater popularity during the winter season, which spans from November to March. 

If you desire to witness Abu Dhabi’s weather in its exquisite splendor, planning your trip during these months is highly recommended. On the other hand, if you prefer a more peaceful visit, the summer season offers a golden opportunity.

The Best time to visit in a day:

To make the most of your visit, timing is crucial. The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium opens its doors at 10:00 AM. The early hours until 1:00 PM generally present a less crowded atmosphere, allowing visitors to leisurely enjoy their favourite marine creatures without encountering lengthy queues.

However, be aware that evenings tend to be more crowded, particularly between 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. To ensure an immersive experience, allocate approximately 4 to 5 hours for your visit to the aquarium.

Plan Your Visit: What to Expect:

Before heading to the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi, it’s helpful to know what awaits you during your visit. Here’s a glimpse:

Stunning Exhibits: The aquarium features a wide range of exhibits, each designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of marine life. From vibrant coral reefs to mesmerizing jellyfish displays, there’s something to capture the imagination of every visitor.

Interactive Experiences: Get up close and personal with marine creatures through the aquarium’s interactive experiences. From touching a stingray to participating in feeding sessions, these encounters provide a deeper understanding of the underwater world.

Educational Programs: The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is dedicated to promoting marine conservation and education. Throughout the year, they offer educational programs and workshops for children and adults, covering topics such as marine biology, conservation efforts, and the importance of preserving our oceans.

Dining and Shopping: Within the aquarium premises, you’ll find a range of dining options to take a break and enjoy a meal. Additionally, gift shops offer souvenirs and mementos to celebrate your visit.

Exhibits and Attractions at the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi:

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi boasts captivating exhibits and attractions that showcase the incredible diversity of marine life. Here are some highlights:

Sharks: The Kings of the Deep

Encounter various species of sharks in their natural habitat, from the graceful movements of the majestic hammerhead shark to the awe-inspiring presence of the great white shark.

Coral Reefs: A Rainbow of Life

Dive into a vibrant underwater paradise and witness the beauty of coral reefs. Learn about the importance of preserving these fragile ecosystems and marvel at their intricate formations and stunning colors.

Penguin Parade: An Adorable Encounter

Experience the delight of encountering adorable penguins as they waddle, slide, and play in their specially designed habitat. The Penguin Parade promises to create lasting memories and bring a smile to your face.

Dolphin Show: A Splash of Joy

Be amazed by the intelligence and agility of dolphins as they showcase their incredible abilities. The Dolphin Show combines entertainment and education, highlighting the importance of marine conservation.

Educational Programs: Learn and Explore

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi offers educational programs aimed at enriching visitors’ knowledge about marine life and conservation. From guided tours to interactive workshops, these programs provide a deeper understanding of the underwater world.

How to reach the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

When it comes to transportation, several convenient options are available to reach the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium.

By Public Transport:

If you prefer public transport, the Rabdan Khaleej Al Arabi Street Bus Interchange, located on the south side of the Al Qana area, offers a convenient bus stop. Various bus routes within Abu Dhabi allow easy access to the aquarium’s location.

From Dubai:

For those traveling from Dubai, buses E100 or E101 will transport you to the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium’s location. Upon reaching Abu Dhabi, multiple buses are available from different areas, leading to the Rabdan Khaleej Al Arabi Street Bus Interchange.

In case you are driving from Dubai, the aquarium is conveniently located within a 1 hour and 15-minute drive. Follow Sheikh Zayed Road to E11, then take Abu Dhabi Road. Next, take the E22 exit and continue onto Al Maqta Street.

Parking Facilities:

The Al Qana complex offers complimentary parking with 1400 surface bays for visitors. Even during peak hours, finding a parking spot is generally effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To address common queries, here are some frequently asked questions about visiting the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi:

1. What is the standard visit duration at the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi?

On average, visitors spend 2 to 3 hours exploring exhibits and attractions. However, feel free to stay longer to fully immerse yourself in the underwater world at your own pace.

2. Are there any age restrictions for visiting the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi?

No, the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi welcomes visitors of all ages. It provides engaging and educational experiences for children and adults, offering dedicated areas and exhibits explicitly designed for younger visitors.

3. Is photography allowed inside the aquarium?

Photography is allowed inside the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi, but the use of flash is prohibited to ensure marine animals are not disturbed.

4. Are there dining options available inside the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi?

Yes, within the aquarium premises, you'll find cafes and restaurants offering a variety of delicious meals and snacks to satisfy every palate.

5. Is parking available at the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi provides excellent parking facilities for visitors. Follow the signage and instructions for a smooth parking experience.


The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is a must-visit destination for anyone fascinated by the wonders of marine life. 

Its diverse exhibits, interactive experiences, and educational programs offer a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the underwater world.

Whether you’re a solo traveller, a family, or a marine enthusiast, there are ticket options available to ensure a memorable experience. Plan your visit, familiarize yourself with timings and attractions, and embark on a journey through the fascinating underwater world of the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi.