How to Reach Pondicherry from Mumbai Safely 2023

reach Pondicherry from Mumbai

Are you staying around Mumbai or planning to visit Pondicherry via Mumbai then here is the best route to reach Pondicherry from Mumbai.

Best Thing About Pondicherry.

Pondicherry is an amazing place. The place is fully surrounded by a beach and many more historical places.

This Union Territory town is a favorite vacation destination for everyone who looking for peace and tranquility.

Reaching Pondicherry is not a hassle as the location is well-linked with other major Indian cities with a network of flights, trains, and buses.

The nearest airport is Chennai airport.

Villupuram railroad station will be the nearest railhead serving town, respectively.

There are a range of Bangalore to Pondicherry trains plying often and available readily.

For those traveling from Mumbai, cities may take state bus or private buses to achieve Pondicherry.

The city is painted in white and beautiful fresh yellow; the houses here are surrounded by pretty climbers, blossoms and plants!

The view of the city is merely an absolute pleasure and tall coconut trees along the roads of Pondy make it look calm and soulful.

Major routes to reach Pondicherry from Mumbai.

Flight from Mumbai to Pondicherry

There are multiple flights from Mumbai to Pondicherry.

The major airlines that carry Pondicherry flight are Spice Jet, Indigo, Air India, Air Asia and Go Air.

Spice Jet has the maximum number of flights to Pondicherry and also the flight fare if you book today is almost 4 thousand to 6 thousand.

Of course, if you’re planning your trip in advance the fare will change and you can get excellent bargains on flights.

There is also an option to take a flight till Chennai, it joins all significant cities.

If you finish you wind up taking a trip to Chennai, you will have to push until Pondy or even take a train.

Another choice is reaching Pondy by a roadway that takes exactly the exact same time as railways which is 4 hrs.

Reach Pondicherry from Mumbai By Train

Both these cities are located at a distance of 1643kms.

Traveling from one place to the other is simple due to the efficient railroad connectivity.

There are numerous trains that operate between the two cities. On a daily basis, many trains operate between Pondicherry and Mumbai.

The first train that leaves Pondicherry and requires you to Mumbai is 11006 Chalukya Express. It departs from Pondicherry at 20:30 PM and reaches Mumbai at 21:10 PM.

There are many fastest trains that will take you out of Pondicherry into Mumbai. It requires 33h 20m and leaves Pondicherry at 20:30.

Out of all of the trains that Operate between Pondicherry and Mumbai, one originates from Pondicherry while the rest 0 pass from Pondicherry.

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People planning this excursion, there’s only one direct train to Pondy out of Mumbai which runs between Kalyan and Pondicherry named 11005 DR PDY EXPRESS only on Monday, Friday and Sunday.

Departure time for that train is 22:13 and the coming time to Pondy is 07:15.

The entire distance between Mumbai to Pony by railroad is 1605 kilometer also it requires 33h 02m approximately.

The closest station is Villupuram also its 35kms which will take about an hour or more to achieve the main city of Pondicherry.

Road Trip from Mumbai to Pondicherry

The road distance between Mumbai to Pondicherry is 1365. It will take around 24 hrs journey.

The car is giving you the flexibility to pick a convenient pickup point depending on where you are. In case you can’t find an apt bus path.

Alright, so this one is going to take long.

I hope you have more than one individual driving for the whole route or at least a specialist driver.

It will take you about 20-22 hours by street, so plan your pit stops so.

If you would like to research I suggest you take a rest once you reach Bengaluru and stay the night there and head to Pondicherry early the following morning.

To avoid a chaotic drive you can head from Krishnagiri into Bargur and then to Tirupattur. Take the NH77 highway to reach Pondicherry in a hassle-free manner.

Among the most cost-effective and convenient methods of reaching Pondicherry is through well-maintained motorable roads.

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